Model // Kayla (Core Artist Management)
Hair & Make Up by Julia Firefly

microsoft surface book campaign 2016

For the Microsoft Surface Book Campaign #SurfaceArt I had the freedom to do what ever I wanted. Instead of creating product photography for this purpose I presented the Surface Book in the way I would use it for my own workflow. Because of this the visuals for this campaign gained a lot of authenticity and presented this product as a tool meant for professionals.

Client // Microsoft

branding for lillika eden

Lillika Eden is a Berlin based fashion label focused on sustainability and fair production. The label was found 2013 by Julia & Daniel and is a growing operation since.

The brand "Lillika Eden" needed a new visuality since the former branding didn't reflect the values as well as the style and the direction the label was heading to. Since the expansion with collections for men and other projects also created a new target group of costumers the need for a new identity grew even more. 

Client // Lillika Eden


Model // Johanna (Faze Models)
Hair & Make Up by Julia Firefly