branding for lillika eden

Lillika Eden is a Berlin based fashion label focused on sustainability and fair production. The label was found 2013 by Julia & Daniel and is a growing operation since.

The brand "Lillika Eden" needed a new visuality since the former branding didn't reflect the values as well as the style and the direction the label was heading to. Since the expansion with collections for men and other projects also created a new target group of costumers the need for a new identity grew even more. 

Client // Lillika Eden

With the need for a visuality that also male costumers could identify with I created a system for "Lillika Eden" consisting of main elements like the brand name and a monogram for a strong branding. With those elements the brand has a variety of options to use the new identity for their needs and even more in the future like for accessoires.
The main typeface for this design is a typeface called "Kate" which I created myself and which will be released soon. This strong serif is being paired with a very elegant and modern hairline sans-serif which is the perfect addition.